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Mepiform Review

If you’re looking for a Mepiform review, you’re in the right place!

Soft silicone sheets like Mepiform can help minimize scarring after surgery. 

That’s because silicone is clinically proven to reduce scars from surgery (including C-sections and tummy tucks), accidents, cuts & scrapes, burns, and even acne. (1)

Silicone is recommended by the International Advisory Panel for Scar Management for both hypertrophic scars and keloids. (1)

Unlike traditional silicone sheets, Mepiform is a soft silicone bandage that provides greater flexibility and comfort. Each sheet can be cut to size and worn for about 3-7 days. 

Keep reading for my full review of Mepiform!

Mepiform Review

Our Score: 5/5

An affordable silicone bandage for post-surgery scar management.


  • Reduces scar appearance
  • Prevents new scars from surgery
  • Flexible & self-adhesive
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent reviews


  • Results require patience
  • Not suitable for scars on your face, hands, or other visible parts of your body

To Keep A Long Story Short...

Mepiform is a brand of soft silicone sheets distributed by Mölnlycke, a global pharmaceutical company based in Sweden.

Silicone is clinically proven to minimize the appearance of scars from surgery, trauma, burns, injuries, and acne.

Unlike traditional silicone sheets, Mepiform is a thin and flexible silicone bandage. It’s more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Mepiform is also quite affordable.

If you have small scars, however, particularly on your face or hands, I’d recommend a silicone gel instead like NewGel+ or Kelo-Cote.

What is Mepiform?

Mepiform is a brand of soft silicone sheets created by Mölnlycke, a global pharmaceutical company based in Sweden.

Due to its silicone content, Mepiform is an excellent product for scar prevention and treatment.

Key Features

  • Silicone bandage
  • Thin, flexible, and discreet
  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Moisture proof
  • Easy to reposition

Key Benefits

  • Helps prevents scars after surgery
  • Encourages normal wound healing
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Can cut into different sizes
  • Affordable

Suitable For

  • Hypertrophic scars
  • Surgical scars (including C-section)
  • Scars from trauma, burns, or injuries
  • Scars on the face, hands, and other visible areas

Mepiform Sizes

Medium (2" x 3")

These work best for small cuts and bruises, minor surgery, and excisions.

Large (4" x 7")

These work best for large cuts and bruises, surgical scars, and trauma wounds.

Long (1.6" x 12")

These work best for long cuts and bruises and incisions from surgery.

How Does Mepiform Work?


Silicone is the #1 dermatologist and plastic surgeon recommended over-the-counter scar reduction ingredient, according to an independent market research firm. (2)

The International Advisory Panel on Scar Management has confirmed the clinical effectiveness of silicone for hypertrophic scars and keloids. (1)

Researchers believe that silicone works by hydrating and protecting the scar. This prevents skin dehydration which can contribute to abnormal scar formation. (3)

Mepiform Reviews

Among the positive reviews of Mepiform, customers reported signs of improvement in scars following surgery, trauma, and burns. 

However, many customers noticed problems with air bubbles in the product from third-party sellers on Amazon. For alternatives to Mepiform, please see the next section.


I've been using it it's been one month and 11 days. I had a ski accident and the right side of my face, close to my jaw fell on my ski pole while descending a head wall. A severe evulsion took place and for you to have an idea, my ski pole bended totally. After a week, when the wound was healed I started using Mepiform. I would clean the affected area with twice a day and apply the bandage. I like this size because I was able to cut the size I wanted. As I have the bandage placed close to my mouth (which I move to talk and eat) and as I use face creams, bandage wouldn't last glued to my face long. So I started using one new square in the morning and another new one at night. If you place it on a very clean skin it lasts longer because it sticks better. Also the color (beige) gets lost in your skin color and protects the scar from the sun. It's worth it. All one can see now is a small flat scar line. Yes, it's pricey, I know, but was worth every penny!

Ana Luiza Welch

"Terrible - Lots of air bubbles/wrinkles"

I've ordered these sheets in the past but my most recent order was severely damaged. Each sheet was filled with air bubbles and wrinkles. If you're using these sheets you know that it's important that they are completely flat with NO air bubbles for them to work. The product quality is very bad. I'd recommend looking for these with a different buyer.

Ro et Pep

The Bottom-Line

Mepiform is a good option for preventing new scars from surgery. It’s easy to use and won’t fall off as easily as silicone sheets.

For scars on your face, hands, and other visible parts of your body, I recommend a silicone gel. My top pick for a silicone gel is NewGel+ (I use it myself).

I hope this review of Mepiform helps you on your scar reduction journey! 


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