Vichy vs Elizabeth Arden

written by: Tom Qiao
last update: June 8, 2024

Serum Standoff: Vichy vs Elizabeth Arden

As a skincare editor, I've tried more serums than I can count over the years. Two brands that consistently make an appearance in my rotation are Vichy and Elizabeth Arden. Both have strong reputations and loyal followings, but how do they really stack up? I'm breaking down the key similarities and differences after putting their serums to the test.


Both Vichy and Elizabeth Arden take an advanced scientific approach to formulating their serums with proven active ingredients. Vichy focuses heavily on mineral-rich volcanic water sourced from the French territory of Vichy. This mineral-rich water is full of 15 rare minerals and antioxidants meant to fortify and strengthen skin.

Elizabeth Arden on the other hand leans into advanced ceramide and retinol technologies across their serum lines. Ceramides help restore the skin's protective barrier, while retinol delivers proven anti-aging results by boosting collagen production and cell turnover. Many of their serums also feature vitamin C for brightening.

While the hero ingredients differ, both brands develop their formulas with an emphasis on high concentration actives, clean formulas, and minimal irritants. You won't find potential pore-cloggers like mineral oil in their serum offerings.


When it comes to texture, Vichy serums tend to have a lightweight gel-cream or watery consistency that layers beautifully under moisturizer. They absorb quickly without feeling tacky or greasy.

Elizabeth Arden serums run the gamut from lightweight liquids to richer cream formulas. Their Ceramide capsules are a cult favorite with a unique silky-smooth balm texture. While luxurious, the richer cream serums do take more massaging to fully absorb.

All Skin Types

Both brands offer an impressive range of serum formulas suitable for all skin types, tones, and concerns. If you have sensitive skin, Vichy's amino acid-based mineral serums like the Mineral 89 rarely trigger irritation or redness. For oily and acne-prone, their Normaderm line delivers anti-bacterial and pore-clearing salicylic acid.

Elizabeth Arden covers every base as well with highly-effective treatments for anti-aging, brightening, firming, and other targeted concerns. The Retinol Ceramide Capsules are a powerful yet gentle way to introduce retinol. Those with dry skin rave about the thirst-quenching Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial.

Proven Results

Both brands have numerous third-party clinical studies and consumer tests backing the visible results of their serum formulas. Vichy has reams of data demonstrating strengthening of the skin barrier, hydration levels, and protection against environmental stressors like pollution. While many find Elizabeth Arden serums to be truly transformative when it comes to reducing lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

Raved Reviews

On retailer sites, Vichy and Elizabeth Arden serums both have overwhelmingly positive reviews in the thousands. Vichy's Mineral 89 serum has a full 5 stars on most sites, with fans raving about the hydrating and plumping effects. The LiftActiv Supreme serum also frequently tops anti-aging rankings.

Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Capsules and Retinol Ceramide Capsules earn rave reviews for their ability to soften and smoothen skin texture while visibly fading spots and wrinkles. Cult-favorites like the Prevage Anti-Aging serum keep customers coming back for more.


When it comes to price, Vichy tends to be the more affordable option starting around $30 for serums like the Mineral 89 and LiftActiv Supreme. However, Elizabeth Arden's higher-end luxury formulas do come with a bigger price tag in the $60-$100+ range for options like the Prevage and Ceramide Capsules.

The Verdict

Overall, you really can't go wrong adding either Vichy or Elizabeth Arden serums to your routine. Both offer extensive research-backed formulas with active ingredients that truly deliver on their promises. If you're looking for gentle yet effective hydration and barrier-repair, Vichy's mineral water formulas are hard to beat. But for those seeking serious age-defying results on lines, wrinkles, and discoloration, it's worth investing in the retinol and ceramide-fueled formulas from Elizabeth Arden.

Article written by Tom Qiao
Tom is the founder and editor of where he applies his decades of personal experience with skincare problems like acne and acne scarring to provide readers with practical advice and product recommendations.

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