Mad Hippie vs La Roche-Posay | Which Is Better?

written by: Tom Qiao
last update: February 9, 2024

As a skincare editor who has personally tried numerous vitamin C serums over the years in my quest for glowing skin, I feel qualified to compare two popular options - […]

As a skincare editor who has personally tried numerous vitamin C serums over the years in my quest for glowing skin, I feel qualified to compare two popular options - Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum and La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum. While both deliver the antioxidant benefits of vitamin C, they have key differences that may appeal to different skin types and budgets.

Ingredients & Effectiveness

Mad Hippie's serum is packed with both vitamin C (in the form of sodium ascorbyl phosphate) and vitamin E. It also contains ferulic acid to help stabilize the vitamins and make them more bioavailable. In my experience, this combination works synergistically to effectively brighten skin tone while providing antioxidant protection. La Roche-Posay takes a minimalist approach with only 10% pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) plus citric acid for pH balance. This makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin who want the purest form of topical vitamin C without extra ingredients. While effective, I find it slightly less brightening than Mad Hippie.

Texture & Skin Type Suitability

The textures of these serums also differ markedly. Mad Hippie has a creamy, lightweight lotion texture that layers beautifully under other skincare products and absorbs quickly without stickiness. La Roche-Posay has a thin, watery consistency that feels lightweight yet tends to be slightly tacky on the skin, taking longer to absorb. Based on the textures and formulations, I recommend Mad Hippie for normal to dry skin and La Roche-Posay for combination to oily skin that is clog-prone. Those with sensitive skin may tolerate La Roche-Posay better.

Customer Reviews

Both serums score well with customers across the web. Mad Hippie earns rave reviews for its brightening effects and smooth, moisturizing texture. Some note it helps with acne scars and melasma. La Roche-Posay is beloved for being gentle enough for sensitive complexions while still delivering beautiful glow without irritation. The few negative reviews focus on pilling and formula changes for both.


There is a significant price difference between these two serums. Mad Hippie retails for $33.99 per ounce compared to La Roche-Posay for $79 per ounce. This makes Mad Hippie the more budget-friendly choice, but La Roche-Posay devotees feel it's worth the splurge for its elegant formulation and suitability for finicky skin.

In summary, while both provide skin-brightening vitamin C serums, Mad Hippie offers better value for the money with a more dressed-up formula catering to dry and normal skin types. La Roche-Posay has a shorter ingredients list ideal for sensitive, oily skin but comes at a steeper cost. As a skincare editor, I think they both earn their places in a well-rounded brightening regimen.

Article written by Tom Qiao
Tom is the founder and editor of where he applies his decades of personal experience with skincare problems like acne and acne scarring to provide readers with practical advice and product recommendations.

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