Exposed Skin Care Review (2023 ✅)

written by: Tom Qiao
last update: December 25, 2022
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Exposed Skin Care Basic Kit


Clear blemishes & breakouts with this bestselling acne treatment kit featuring 3.5% benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

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I tried Exposed Skin Care over 8 years ago (2012) and posted a review on my old WordPress blog, Honest Acne Reviews. The company is still operating today and the products have been virtually unchanged since my last review.

What Is Exposed Skin Care?

If you’ve never heard of Exposed before, they are kind of like Proactiv but without the infomercials, mall kiosks and celebrity endorsements.

Exposed Skin Care is an on-line company based in Seattle, USA that  focuses on selling complete acne treatment kits with all the products you need for a comprehensive acne-fighting regimen.

Basically, they manufacture their own brand of cleanser, toner, active treatment and moisturizer – package them together into a nice kit and ship it to your door step!


  • One-year money back guarantee
  • High quality products
  • Stylish and clean packaging
  • Natural and scientific ingredients
  • Fast & worldwide shipping (personal best is four business days)


  • Only available on-line (I mean, stores are basically closed in 2020 anyway)
  • Slightly more expensive than regular products
  • Only Fedex priority shipping available to Canada – more expensive
  • Difficult to purchase individual products due to large discounts for product bundles

Here are some of my original photos of Exposed Skin Care:

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Exposed Skin Care Basic Kit + Probiotic Complex
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Lots of information on the back!

I bought the Basic Kit (5-piece) and the Probiotic Complex:

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I remember being super excited to open this box! Nostalgia 🙂
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Exposed Skin Care Review (2023 ✅) 11

Okay, that’s nice and all – but how is Exposed any different from the endless sea of other on-line acne companies? Let’s take a look at some of the differences…

How Is Exposed Skin Care Different?

Unconditional 1-Year Money Back Guarantee

In my opinion, this is the biggest difference about Exposed Skin Care. No other competitor in the industry comes even close to offering a similar guarantee.

There’s plenty of 30-day and even 3-month money back guarantees but Exposed is the only company that offers a 365-day guarantee.

Why is this such a big deal? The fact that you can get a refund within a year’s time is not the important point here. Whenever a company offers some kind of guarantee, they are expressing their confidence in their product’s ability to deliver results and satisfy customers.

In other words, only companies with great products will offer guarantees because they know that only a small portion of their customers will want refunds.

On the other hand, a company with shoddy products cannot afford such a guarantee because a greater percentage of their customers will be unsatisfied.

In reality, Exposed is using its money back guarantee to signal to customers that its products are truly top-of-the-line and better than its competitors.

Personally, I have never used the money back guarantee because Exposed products have always worked to some degree for me. I find them more effective than your typical grocery store brands but keep in mind they are not miracle workers.

Clear Skin In 30 Days Guarantee

Whenever you hear about some kind of “clear skin” or “acne free” guarantee, always take it with a huge grain of salt. Over the years, I have come across hundreds of testimonials about products that claim to cure acne in 3 days, 7 days, 30 days, etc.

I strongly believe that there’s no universal way of predicting the amount of time it takes for acne to get better – people have different levels of acne with differing complications in different situations. With so many underlying variables, it’s impossible to claim that any product can cure acne in x days.

This aspect is more of a marketing strategy to get you to try Exposed Skin Care for 30 days and see if it helps your acne. While you need to be skeptical of claims like this, it is yet another signal from Exposed that they have confidence in their products. I personally didn’t get “clear skin” in 30 days but I was still fairly pleased with the effectiveness of the products.

Natural Ingredients

Exposed products contain multiple natural ingredients intended to remedy acne-prone skin. These ingredients include:

  • Green Tea Extract – Provides Anti-Oxidants
  • Passionflower Extract – Reduces Inflammation
  • Sage Extract – Detoxifies Skin
  • Tea Tree Oil – Promotes Skin Regeneration
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 – Regulates Oil Production

Exposed is clearly a company that takes its business seriously – its efforts to incorporate natural ingredients in addition to conventional agents like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid is a testament to the research and dedication behind their products.

While it’s difficult to say whether the natural ingredients are making a significant contribution, there’s no doubt in my mind that Exposed products are of a much higher caliber than most of the other stuff I’ve tried.

Exposed Skin Care Website

I can’t help but put this one on the list as well. Exposed has got an amazing website that contains a wealth of information about acne treatment.

There are articles on everything from explanations of acne to the effects of stress on acne and even natural acne remedies you can make at home.

For me, this really says something about the folks over at Exposed – they’re not just interested in selling you products, they also want to equip you with useful information on acne treatment. Just like the money back guarantees, this part makes me feel better about buying Exposed products.


Exposed Skin Care is definitely a hidden goldmine for mainstream acne sufferers. It’s a shame because Exposed offers above-average performance for the same price range as its competitors like Proactiv.

Also keep in mind that on-line products are slightly more expensive and typically come in smaller quantities than grocery brands.

I would recommend anyone with low to moderate acne to try the basic 5-piece kit from Exposed. This will get you started with a decent cleanser, toner and two forms of acne treatment. Hey, it even comes with a special microderm cloth!

Exposed Skin Care Facial Cleanser Review

The Exposed Skin Care facial cleanser combines high quality and natural ingredients in a comfortable and clean gel-based product.

I absolutely love the smoothness of this cleanser because it’s gentle and glides easily across my skin – if you’ve used this before, you know what I’m talking about! In short, this cleanser has an amazing texture and works wonderfully at cleaning the skin.

This is the cleanser that I currently use as part of my acne regimen. I use it because my face feels very clean and hydrated afterwards. That’s right, I feel hydrated after using this cleanser! This is because the cleanser was designed to be pH-balanced and free of irritating ingredients.


  • Skin feels super clean and hydrated
  • Carefully chosen, high quality ingredients – a mixture of nature and science!
  • Smooth and glides over face without a fuss


  • Bit expensive compared to ordinary cleansers
  • Lid could be designed better to allow easier flow of cleanser
  • Very cost-prohibitive to purchase this cleanser individually – much cheaper to buy products in kits
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Exposed Skin Care Review (2023 ✅) 12

Here’s what Exposed has to say about their product:

“The first step to clear skin is clean skin. The Exposed facial cleanser is a rich yet gentle face wash that is soap-free, non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic. It is packed with skin clearing ingredients including a special formulation of alpha & beta hydroxy acids and olive leaf extract. It removes the oil and dirt from your face while penetrating your pores to kill acne causing bacteria and maintaining your skin’s lipid layer. It does not contain any harsh and irritating detergents such as lauryl and laureth sulfates and is an important step in the Exposed acne treatment system.”


1.0% Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a popular ingredient for acne treatment because of its ability to penetrate oily layers of skin and unplug pores. A beta-hydroxy acid, it is extracted from the bark of the willow tree and can be quite effective as a chemical exfoliator.

Salicylic acid helps exfoliate dead skin cells clogged up in pores which allows the inflammed pore to heal and shrink down to normal size. Due to its chemical structure, salicylic acid can penetrate deep into the lipid layers of the skin where water-soluble substances cannot reach.

Pro-Vitamin B5

Also known as pantothenic acid, it is one of the eight B vitamins and is necessary for the healthy function of skin, hair, eyes and liver. Vitamin B5 is recognized for promoting skin hydration and regeneration for a healthy skin tone.

Sage Extract

Sage is a type of herb generally used for medicine and renowned for its healing powers. There are claims that sage can heal scars and promote skin regeneration. Sage is a natural ingredient (not chemically modified) that also has anti-oxidant properties.


This is an excellent facial cleanser for everyone. It cleans the skin but is not overdrying and contains an excellent blend of natural and scientific ingredients. In my opinion, it is definitely worth the money but I highly recommend buying it as part of the bundled kit because this is more cost-effective.

Be careful with how much you use – I find that a smaller amount does the trick here. Squeeze out a little bit of cleanser onto your hand. Gently rub it across your forehead and then along the cheeks and neck. Massage the skin for 30-60 seconds and rinse well.

If you like, you can also use the Exposed Derm-X cloth to wipe the cleanser away. This is very effective for gently exfoliating the skin and leaving your face feeling absolutely fresh!

Lastly, in my experience one bottle will not last you 60 days (although Exposed claims this is a 60-day supply). When used conservatively and effectively, this cleanser should last you around 1.5 months (45 days). However I use it day and night so depending on your situation, this may be different.

Exposed Skin Care Clearing Tonic Review

Nnext, I take a look at the Exposed Clearing Tonic included in all Exposed kits. Weighing in at 4.0 oz and boasting active ingredients of salicylic acid, green tea extract and passion flower – it packs a one-two punch to whiteheads and round-house kicks clogged pores – the Toner from Exposed Skin Care!


  • Gentle and soothing on problem skin
  • Natural extracts to balance skin oils
  • Leaves skin clean for further treatment


  • Does not last very long (finished bottle before the cleanser and treatments)
  • Lid design could be improved to allow easier flow of liquid
  • Slightly difficult to use with cotton balls
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Exposed Skin Care Review (2023 ✅) 13

Packaged in a container identical to the facial cleanser, the Exposed Clearing Tonic is intended to remedy problem skin through natural extracts and clear away dirt and oils.

I am a big fan of this toner for 3 reasons: it is gentle and soothing on the skin, it contains high quality ingredients that rejuvenate the skin layer and it does an excellent job of removing grime in order to prepare the skin for further treatment.

My only concern is that the bottle will not last very long if you’re like me and you use toners night and day. I feel that this product is slightly less cost-effective and I would not recommend it as a stand-alone product. However, bundled with the Exposed Kit it’s not a bad choice.


Salicylic Acid

One of the two main ingredients in anti-acne products, salicylic acid belongs to the beta-hydroxy acid family and is used to penetrate the skin’s lipid layer in order to promote exfoliation of skin cells from the inside.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has long been used as a herbal remedy with all kinds of health benefits – boasting everything from longevity to cancer prevention. For acne purposes. green tea is rich in antioxidants like polyphenol which are necessary for good health.

In particular, antioxidants “balance out” or “neutralize” free radicals and pro-oxidant molecules in our bodies. Scientific research shows that free radical molecules destroy cell structures causing damage to the body – and eventually leads to the formation of acne, as well as other diseases.

Passion Flower

Another herbal extract, passion flower possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties which soothes irritated and acne-prone skin. It has been found to be effective at reducing the redness and irritation typically found in acne-prone skin.


As I said in the introduction, the Clearing Tonic by Exposed is a decent toner and provides good value when bought together with an Exposed Kit.

Due to the low volume of toner and the availability of cheaper yet effective competitors, I would not recommend this toner as a stand-alone buy. I feel that you can get more value from a normal toner like Thayers Witch Hazel.

I find that it’s difficult to pour this toner into cotton balls because of the opaque packaging. If possible, pour the toner into a clear, see-through container with a small opening. This makes it easier to pour onto cotton balls and prevents over-pouring and wastage.

Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment Serum Review

This is a product that I really wish someone had told me about when I first started developing facial acne. It would have spared me a long journey of embarrassment, low self-esteem and a TON of ineffective acne products.


  • Super effective formula! It really does wonders for mild to moderate acne sufferers.
  • Easy to apply and absorbed by skin within minutes
  • Cost-effective when purchased with Exposed kit


  • Depending on your skin type and whether you’ve used benzoyl peroxide products in the past, you may experience dry or flaky skin. If this is case, I recommend using this less frequently and/or applying a moisturizer 10-15 minutes before applying the serum.
  • Expensive as a stand-alone product from the Exposed website
  • Odd scent – could be green tea extract or azelaic acid, however it is not a huge issue
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Exposed Skin Care Review (2023 ✅) 14

Available only on-line, the Exposed Acne Treatment Serum is a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide active treatment product that delivers a highly effective solution for all acne types. My personal experience with this product has been simply amazing! 

After regularly using this product for a few weeks I can really SEE the difference it makes in my skin. Large pimples diminish in size, smaller ones usually disappear, redness is reduced and bumpy skin begins to improve.

Because it’s based on benzoyl peroxide, I was initially concerned with getting dry skin. However, I find that it’s less drying than typical BP products which means there’s less need for moisturizer. Today, I still use it to treat areas around the jaw, cheeks and forehead.

The Acne Treatment Serum comes as a white paste which disappears upon applying it to the skin. It has a rather odd scent that may be caused by the active ingredients but it’s not a huge concern. I also like that the paste feels cool and is easy to apply.


2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide

This is the key ingredient in most acne products today because of its ability to kill the P.acnes bacteria that causes acne.

However, this usually comes at the cost of drying out skin cells due to the chemical process of oxidation. This is usually negated by using a moisturizer.

I’ve found that the Exposed acne treatment serum is far less drying than other 2.5% benzoyl peroxide products. This may be a result of the formulation of the product.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has long been used as a herbal remedy with all kinds of health benefits – boasting everything from longevity to cancer prevention. For acne purposes. green tea is rich in antioxidants like polyphenol which are necessary for good health.

In particular, antioxidants “balance out” or “neutralize” free radicals and pro-oxidant molecules in our bodies. Scientific research shows that free radical molecules destroy cell structures causing damage to the body – and eventually leads to the formation of acne, as well as other diseases.

Azelaic Acid

This dicarboxylic acid is often prescribed by doctors for the treatment of acne. It specifically targets P.acnes bacteria and can cause mild drying or irritation. For more information see this link by MedLine Plus.


As an acne sufferer of 8 years and counting, I’ve tried all sorts of products and listened to all kinds of explanations and remedies marketed by the corporations that sell acne products. It is HARD to find great products that work effectively without drying the skin, are hassle-free, and won’t empty your bank account.

What I’m trying to say is that Exposed’s acne treatment serum is one of those great products that really work! Having just said that, it’s not a miracle worker and your acne will not disappear overnight.

However, I’m confident that using this product as part of a comprehensive skin care regimen (includes eating well too!) will dramatically improve your acne condition. I continue to use this product and I still marvel at how quickly and effectively it can improve my skin.

I like to apply the cream a little bit at a time instead of smearing it all over my face. Squeeze small dabs onto your finger and apply to affected areas using gentle, circular motions until the cream vanishes and is evenly smooth.

If you want to cover the entire face, start with the forehead and jaw areas because they tend to absorb the cream better and are less sensitive to the benzoyl peroxide. Finish off with the cheeks and make sure to avoid the areas under the eyes! Remember to be patient and let your skin absorb the cream.

I don’t like to apply moisturizer afterwards but if it really bothers you, use this product every other day and on days you don’t use it, apply a moisturizer or oil to keep your skin moisturized.

Exposed Skin Care Derm-X Cloth Review

 the Derm-X Cloth included in every Exposed Skin Care kit.

As a long-time user, I’ve got to say it’s definitely no ordinary cloth! Approved by dermatologists, the Derm-X Cloth is made from special material and features tiny microfiber flakes to assist with exfoliation in a process known as microdermabrasion.

Those microfibers hang out from the surface of the cloth in order to trap more dirt and oil from your skin! Just take a look at the photos below to see the microfibers that I’m talking about.

  • Save
Derm-X cloth has microfiber pockets that trap oils and dirt and help exfoliate your skin.

In addition to being an excellent exfoliator, Exposed claims that using their Derm-X Cloth can “improve skin tone, reduce blemishes… and help with skin discoloration, sun damage and even minor scarring!” It is also helpful for eliminating blackheads and whiteheads – by cleaning the face properly and gently removing dead skin cells, cosmetics, oils and dirt.


The Derm-X Cloth by Exposed is a high quality and unique cloth intended to assist the natural exfoliation of skin cells. It is an excellent complementary product to use with facial cleansers and exfoliating products.

You can really feel the difference in the material used and the special microdermabrasion grooves in the cloth.

While this product is available individually from the exposed website for $9.95, I strongly suggest purchasing an Exposed kit to benefit from major cost-savings.

If you regularly use a cloth to wash your face, I recommend using the Derm-X Cloth every other day right after applying a facial cleanser.

Rinse the cloth in warm water and gently wipe across the face until clean of cleanser. Be careful not to scrub too hard as this can cause irritation and skin damage.

Also, follow the directions on the cloth and wash with laundry every 2 weeks or so. When used regularly, the Derm-X Cloth can greatly improve skin tone and promote acne-free skin!

Article written by Tom Qiao
Tom is the founder and editor of where he applies his decades of personal experience with skincare problems like acne and acne scarring to provide readers with practical advice and product recommendations.

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