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written by: Tom Qiao
last update: May 20, 2024

As a longtime skincare enthusiast and editor, I've had the chance to try out a wide array of moisturizers from various brands over the years. Two brands that have consistently stood out to me are Caudalie and Vichy. Both are French skincare companies with excellent reputations, but they offer distinctly different moisturizing experiences that cater to different skincare priorities. Let's break down the key similarities and differences between these two popular hydrating lines.


One of the biggest factors that sets Caudalie and Vichy apart is their divergent philosophies when it comes to botanical ingredients versus mineral ingredients. Caudalie is fiercely committed to using natural, plant-based ingredients, particularly those derived from grapes and grape seeds which are packed with antioxidants. Their moisturizers contain minimal synthetic compounds.

Vichy, on the other hand, leans heavily into mineral ingredients like mineral-rich volcanic water and thermal spa water sourced from the pristine Vichy springs in France. Their moisturizer formulas fuse these mineral-based actives with more conventional synthetic skincare ingredients.

So in essence, Caudalie is the botanical, nature-derived option while Vichy is the mineral-infused, spa-inspired choice when it comes to moisturizer ingredients.


Despite their differing ingredients philosophies, I've found both Caudalie and Vichy to be highly effective at hydrating and nourishing my combination skin. Caudalie's grape-based antioxidants provide excellent protection against environmental stressors while deeply moisturizing. And Vichy's mineral-rich thermal water is incredibly soothing and replenishing for the skin barrier.

If I had to give a slight edge to one over the other in terms of pure hydration capabilities, I might lean towards Vichy. Their complexion-quenching moisturizers like the Aqualia Thermal line and mineral-loaded masks have provided me with longer-lasting, sumptuous moisture on parched areas.


Textural experiences between the two brands vary quite a bit across their individual moisturizer offerings. But in general, I've found Caudalie's moisturizer textures to be lighter, more rapidly-absorbed, and low to non-greasy thanks to their heavy use of grape seed oil and other quick-penetrating plant oils.

Vichy's cream and gel-cream moisturizer textures run thicker and feel denser on the skin initially before eventually sinking in. The brand's mineral-thermal complex gives many of their moisturizers a luxuriously rich, velvety glide.

Skin Types

When it comes to versatility across all skin types, I'd give Caudalie's botanical-based moisturizers the very slight edge. Their oil-infused gel and cream formulas work beautifully for normal, combination, and dry skin types by delivering hydrating nutrients while still allowing respiration. Oilier skin types may find them a bit heavy, however.

Vichy has fantastic moisturizers for normal to very dry skin, with their creamier mineral-thermal formulas deeply replenishing dehydrated complexions. But some may find their textures a bit too dense for oilier skin types.

Customer Feedback

Both brands enjoy stellar customer reviews and reputations, which is a big reason why they've become such skincare stalwarts. Caudalie fans rave about the glow-enhancing, antioxidant-powered effects of the French brand's grape-infused moisturizers. While Vichy devotees go ga-ga for the soothingly hydrating, mineral-drenched textures that give dry, irritated complexions a drink of water.

If we're basing this solely on bestseller status and customer passion, Caudalie's cult Premier Cru line and Vichy's iconic Mineral 89 cream are two of the most beloved hydrators on the market right now.


When it comes to pricing, Caudalie and Vichy are very similar - occupying the affordable middle-ground of the premium skincare market. You'll typically find quality Caudalie and Vichy moisturizers ranging between $30-60 depending on the specific product and size. Both provide excellent quality for the price point.

Hopefully this deep dive into two of France's leading skincare brands has provided helpful insights! At the end of the day, your ideal moisturizer will likely come down to your specific skin type, texture preferences, and whether you favor the natural antioxidant approach of Caudalie or the mineral-thermal methodology of Vichy.

Article written by Tom Qiao
Tom is the founder and editor of where he applies his decades of personal experience with skincare problems like acne and acne scarring to provide readers with practical advice and product recommendations.

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