First Aid Beauty AHA Intensive Peel Review (2020 Update)

Summary: When you need a total skin “reset”, AHA Intensive Peel will make it happen in minutes. ⚡

Best For: Detoxifying, Renewing

Key Ingredients:
Lactic Acid
Salicylic Acid
Mushroom Enzyme
Kaolin & Bentonite Clay
Active Charcoal

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First Aid Beauty AHA Intensive Peel
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Do you ever wish that your skin had a total “reset” button, like in video games? (I know I do 😂)

Well, the next best thing is First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance AHA Intensive Peel which is actually more like a clay mask with Lactic Acid (AHA) and Salicylic Acid (BHA) for dual-wielding exfoliation.

(this product is supposed to be “extra strength” so I’d avoid this if you have sensitive skin)

Now, AHA Intensive Peel packs a pretty powerful punch in terms of ingredients:

  • Lactic & Salicylic Acids: helps exfoliate, brighten skin tone, improve skin texture
  • Mucor Miehei Extract: mushroom enzyme 1-UPs that exfoliate your skin (Super Mario, anyone?)
  • Kaolin & Bentonite Clay: draws out and absorbs impurities to detoxify your skin
  • Active Charcoal: another staple in face masks, helps bring out excess oils and debris

First Aid Beauty also included their signature FAB Antioxidant Boosters, like Licorice Root Extract, Feverfew Extract, and White Tea Extract, which help brighten dark spots and reduce inflammation.

Finally, First Aid Beauty cited a 6-week clinical study on 34 women which showed:

  • 92% said their skin was softer after 1 use
  • 92% noticed improved skin texture after 6 uses

My Verdict: If you need a total “reset” button for your skin, First Aid Beauty’s AHA Intensive Peel packs a powerful punch for detoxifying and rejuvenating to get all that baggage out of your pores.

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