ELEMIS Peptide⁴ Overnight Radiance Peel Review (2020 Update)

Summary: British luxury brand ELEMIS offers a lactic acid peel with hibiscus and peptides for silky smooth skin in the morning.

Best For: Dull or Tired Looking Skin

Key Ingredients:
Lactic Acid
Hibiscus Flower Milk
British Night Scented Stock

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ELEMIS Peptide⁴ Overnight Radiance Peel
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Is your skin feeling (and looking) dull and tired lately?

I can’t say I blame you in today’s crazy world. 😑

To help rejuvenate your skin and restore its silky smoothness, British luxury brand ELEMIS has created the Peptide⁴ Overnight Radiance Peel with Lactic Acid, Hibiscus Flower Milk, and Peptides.

We already know that Lactic Acid is a mild AHA that helps exfoliate dead skin cells to remove surface dullness and hydrate your skin barrier by drawing in moisture from the environment.

Meanwhile, Hibiscus Flower Milk supports cell renewal and contains antioxidants that were shown to reduce the risk of skin cancer and improve wound healing in clinical studies (sources: Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, 2017 and BioMed Research International, 2017).

ELEMIS Peptide⁴ Overnight Radiance Peel Ad
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Finally, ELEMIS incorporates two ingredients that are exclusive to its brand:

  • British Night Scented Stock: grown in East Anglia (UK), ELEMIS is the first company to use this fragrant flower oil which is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin E (source: ELEMIS)
  • Peptide⁴: a yeast peptide inspired by the body’s natural circadian rhythms that helps support the skin’s own “synchronized internal clock” for cell renewal (source: ELEMIS)

An independent study of 120 people after 4 weeks found that:

  • 98% said their complexion looked brighter
  • 94% said their complexion looked less tired and dull
  • 93% saw improvements in skin clarity

My Verdict: ELEMIS Peptide⁴ Overnight Radiance Peel will help “peel away your problems” with gentle Lactic Acid, fragrant Hibiscus and Night Scented Stock, and yeast derived Peptide⁴.

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