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Cicatricure Gel Reviews

If you’re looking for a Cicatricure gel review, you’re in the right place!

I’ve tried dozens of scar products over the years, including onion extract gels like Cicatricure.

Essentially, this scar gel uses similar ingredients as Mederma at a fraction of the price.

In terms of scar treatment, however, clinical studies on onion extract are a bit mixed. (1)

While I’ve used Mederma before with good results (see my full review here), I’d recommend that you buy a good quality silicone gel instead for your scars.

That’s because silicone is actually clinically proven to reduce the appearance of scars from surgery (including C-section), accidents, cuts & scrapes, burns, and even acne. (1)

My top recommendation for a silicone gel is NewGel+ (I use it myself). It’s an excellent scar gel with 100% silicone and vitamin E that balances effectiveness and affordability.

Keep reading for my full review of Cicatricure Face & Body Scar Gel!

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Cicatricure Scar Gel Review

Our Score: 4/5

An affordable onion extract gel for scars (comparable to Mederma).


  • Flattens existing scars
  • Reduces discoloration
  • Excellent reviews
  • Affordable


  • Results require patience
  • Mixed clinical studies
  • Bergamot essential oil may irritate some people’s skin

To Keep A Long Story Short...

Cicatricure Face & Body Scar Gel is an onion extract gel produced by Genomma Labs (a pharmaceutical company based in Mexico).

It’s essentially a close duplicate of the more popular Mederma Advanced Scar Gel, which features the key ingredient onion extract.

Currently, clinical research on onion extract is somewhat mixed, which is why I recommend using silicone gels or sheets instead.

Silicone is clinically proven and recommended by the International Advisory Panel on Scar Management for hypertrophic scars and keloids.

My top pick for a silicone gel is NewGel+ (I use it myself). It’s an excellent scar gel that balances effectiveness and affordability.

On the other hand, onion extract gels like Cicatricure and Mederma are much cheaper because they don’t use expensive medical grade silicone.

In fact, Cicatricure is very affordable (~$10 per oz) compared to Mederma (~$16 per oz) and NewGel+ (~$40 per oz).

So if you want a cheaper alternative to Mederma with the same key ingredient, Cicatricure is a good option. 

But if you want the best results for your scars, I recommend using a silicone gel like NewGel+.

What is Cicatricure Scar Gel?

Cicatricure Face & Body Scar Gel is an onion extract gel that works on hypertrophic scars, keloids, surgical scars (such as C-section), and scars from trauma, burns, or injuries.

It uses the same key ingredient, onion extract, as Mederma Advanced Scar Gel.

In addition, Cicatricure also includes:

Unlike Mederma, it seems that Cicatricure requires more frequent applications per day:

  • Recent Scars: apply liberally 4x per day for 8 weeks
  • Existing Scars: apply liberally 3x per day for 3-6 months

Compare this to Mederma at 1x a day for 4-8 weeks (recent scars) or 3-6 months (old scars). 

This suggests that Cicatricure may be using a lower concentration of onion extract than Mederma which would explain the difference in recommended daily applications.

This product is available online and across pharmacies in the US and South America.

Key Features

  • Onion extract (same as Mederma)
  • Includes chamomile, aloe vera, and bergamot essential oil
  • Thin, clear, and dries quickly
  • Comes in a 1.0 oz tube
  • Requires 3-4x daily application

Key Benefits

  • Flattens existing scars
  • Reduces skin discoloration
  • May help prevent scars 
  • Won’t break the bank

Suitable For:

  • Hypertrophic scars
  • Keloids (including on the chest or earlobes)
  • Surgical scars (including C-section)
  • Scars from trauma, burns, or injuries
  • Scars on the face, hands, and other visible areas

How Does Cicatricure Work?

Onion Extract

Onion extract (allium cepa) has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Studies have shown that onion extract may inhibit fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen). This helps softens hypertrophic scars and keloids and may reduce skin discoloration. (2)  

Onion extract also contains quercetin, a plant flavonoid that inhibits collagen production. (3)

The clinical evidence, however, is somewhat mixed:

  • One study reported no difference between onion extract and Vaseline (4)
  • Other studies reported positive results with onion extract (5, 67)
  • One of these studies was funded by Merz (manufacturer of Mederma) (7)

Cicatricure Scar Gel Reviews

Reviews of Cicatricure have been mainly positive. Reviewers noticed gradual improvements in the size and color of their hypertrophic scars or keloids from surgery, trauma, acne, and more.

Among the negative reviews, some people reported that the gel burned initially (likely a skin reaction to some of the ingredients).

I find that most people don’t use silicone gels long enough to see the desired results. In my experience, it takes between 3-6 months before you’ll notice any significant improvements. 

As with all skincare products, your mileage may vary (YMMV).


I was told about this product by a friend, I use it for both my old acne scars and also for stretch marks. I have seen a huge difference, especially on my face. I use a small dab twice a day. Not only have my old scars faded a lot, but it has been helping with redness and preventing new breakouts! I definitely recommend this!


"It Works."

You will see results in 6 months, at least that happened in my skin. Yo estoy viendo resultados despues de seis meses. Scars takes years to disappear, this product helps to reduce the time. Lo recomiendo. I recommend it.


The Bottom-Line

Cicatricure Scar Gel is a cheaper version of the popular Mederma Advanced Scar Gel.

It uses the same key ingredient as Mederma but requires more frequent applications per day.

Due to the mixed clinical research on onion extract, I currently recommend using silicone gels or silicone sheets for effective scar treatment and prevention. 

My top pick for a silicone gel is NewGel+ (I use it myself).

For large body scars, I recommend a silicone sheet like ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets.


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